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Video: Kirk Herbstreit Talks Swordfight With Lee Corso, Is Adamant He Didn't Cause Bloodshed

Pleading not guilty.

As usual this weekend, the great Lee Corso stole the show on ESPN's College GameDay show. When picking the the game of the week between Stanford and USC, Corso threw on the Trojan armor and got in a swordfight with Kirk Herbstreit. While the pick was a great one for Corso, the battle was not -- he actually suffered a flesh wound and was bleeding from his face before the program cut off.

While most people didn't actually believe that Kirk's sword was the cause of the bleeding (the cut appears to be self-inflicted), fellow analysts Jesse Palmer, Rece Davis, and David Pollack were giving Herbstreit a hard time on tonight's BCS Countdown show, claiming that he was abusing an elderly man. It was pretty amusing to watch Kirk defend himself and insist that he didn't slice up Lee Corso: