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Video: LSU Is Bringing Back Several Band Traditions, Reminds Fans To Stay Classy With Them

Beware, Johnny.

When you hear the words "college football", one of the first things that comes to mind has to be tradition. College sports are rooted in local culture, and each program has its own quirks, traditions, and history that make it different from all of the rest.

In recent years, LSU has had to stray away from a few traditions involving the band during football games because the student body was enjoying them a little too much. More specifically, the student body had created some profane chants to go along with a number of band songs, and although they were intimidating, they weren't giving the university a very good name.

Because of this, the songs had been removed from part of the game day experience for a while, but the school is bringing them back for the game vs. Texas A&M this weekend as part of a new 'Tradition Matters' campaign, as it looks to create more energy in the stadium. However, the school has also issued a video reminding students that they must stay classy with these traditions:

I guess we'll find out on Saturday if the point the was made loud and clear.