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Video: Ohio State's Players Console CBS Anchor Who Lost His Daughter With Hugs


In an era of collegiate sports entrenched in scandals, performance-enhancing drugs and DUIs, it is rare to find an off-the-field story worthy of sharing.

Be sure to spread this one.

On September 17, Dom Tiberi, legendary sports director of WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio, lost his daughter to a car crash in Hillard, Ohio, a large suburb of Columbus. His daughter, Maria Elizabeth Tiberi, attended The Ohio State University and was 21 years old.

The Saturday following the accident, the Ohio State Buckeyes honored Tiberi’s loss with a moment of silence before the 76-0 trouncing of Florida A&M.

Tiberi has been covering the Buckeyes for the CBS affiliate WBNS-TV since 1981. The bond that the Buckeyes developed with him was on full display when he returned to the sidelines as the No. 4 Buckeyes took on the No. 23 Badgers at home.

Following the dramatic 31-24 win over the Badgers, dozens of Buckeye players and personnel hugged Tiberi in an emotional three minute parade of heartache.

No scandal, no controversy. Just student athletes taking it upon themselves to show their support for a grieving and beloved man who has meant so much to The University.