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Video: Phil Martelli’s Grandson Dresses, Acts Just Like His Grandfather During A-10 Game

Sunday, St. Joseph’s played its way into the NCAA Tournament by knocking off VCU in the Atlantic 10 Tournament championship game. But somehow, after the game, the nation wasn’t buzzing about the Hawks’ play – it was something else that got everyone’s attention. That’s because head coach Phil Martelli’s grandson, Philip Stephen Martelli, stole the show in the stands.

Martelli’s four-year-old grandson dressed up (and acted like) his grandfather during the contest. The result was absolutely adorable. In the video below, you can see him mimicking Martelli’s every move.

It would appear that Saint Joseph’s has found another Martelli to name head coach in waiting – so long as the current Martelli sticks around a few more decades.

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