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Video: Rick Neuheisel Added An Auburn Verse To "Born In The SEC", Sang It For Gus Malzahn

War Damn Eagle.

Former UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel, now an analyst for the Pac-12 Network, is quite talented with a guitar in his hands. Neuheisel routinely joins Dan Patrick on his morning radio show to play a few chords and sing something, usually sarcastic, about the state of college football. In fact, back in November, Neuheisel sang an entire song dedicated to the culture of the SEC - it received rave reviews.

Well, "Born in the SEC" is back. Neuheisel attended the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year ceremony last night and serenaded this year's winner, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn, in front of the crowd. He added a special verse to the song about AU, dropping a funny line about Malzahn's "illegal" offense.