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Video: Ricky Williams Talks About Fellow Heisman Winner Manziel's Off-Field Actions

Ricky knows best.

If there's anyone who knows about being a Heisman winner who was then forced to endure intense scrutiny for off-field actions, it's former Texas running back Ricky Williams. Yesterday, Williams spoke very briefly to the media about Johnny Manziel, giving his two cents to KEYE TV.

Here is his direct quote:

“You know once you win the Heisman Trophy, there's going to be more attention on you. You are probably not going to be able to get away with all the stuff you got away with before. To the media I would say, if the media did their research on who this kid was, nobody would be surprised.”

I think this is all pretty obvious stuff (in retrospect, at least) but maybe Johnny will take note, considering that Williams was once in a similar situation and his story didn't exactly have a Cinderella ending.

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