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Video: SeaWorld Shows Its Support For Notre Dame Football And WR TJ Jones

Pretty cool.

This past summer, Notre Dame's top receiver made headlines by swimming with sharks. But TJ Jones, now a captain for the Fighting Irish, wasn't just going for a wild dip on vacation; he's very much interested in a professional career as a marine diver. He spent part of the summer down in Florida seeing what it's like working at an aquarium, and was able to take a number of dives into the shark tank.

Of course, the staff at SeaWorld (the place where Jones dreams of someday working) is now supporting TJ and the Fighting Irish -- today, SeaWorld sent Notre Dame and TJ a video of divers holding "Go TJ!" and "Go Irish" signs under water:

Jones is definitely one of the most unique wide receivers in college football, and it's pretty cool that he has SeaWorld on his side. It seems like his dream job could become a reality very soon if pro football doesn't work out -- if it does, that dream may just have to wait a bit longer.