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Video: Shaq Surprises Kids, Joins "Basketball Cop" For Another Game Of Neighborhood Hoops

Shaquille O'Neal plays basketball with kids.

By now, you've probably seen video of the Gainesville police officer that joined a group of neighborhood kids in a game of basketball after responding to what turned out to be an unnecessary noise complaint about those very same kids. It was awesome, but little did the kids know that they'd be in for an even bigger surprise Saturday afternoon. 

Future Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal, after seeing the video, decided to make the trip to Gainesville, to not only thank the officer for such a cool gesture, but to join him in another game of neighborhood basketball with the same group of kids. He played ball, let them shoot for some cash and gave them advice that will last them a lifetime. It was something they'll never forget, and the GPD posted this amazing video to YouTube. 

Class act.