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Video: Skip Bayless' Potential Replacement On 'First Take' Is Already Bashing LeBron James

ESPN has yet to decide on a replacement for Skip Bayless on the First Take desk, but they're reportedly down to three finalists. 

One of those finalists, Will Cain, was on the show today with Jorge Sedano (another potential replacement) and Kate Fagan. 

Cain, formerly of CNN, stepped in for Bayless pretty perfectly, criticizing LeBron James for something fairly pointless: his grammar. 

Cain was referring to this Instagram post by James following his NBA championship. James wrote "real view" when he (likely) meant to write "rear view."

Would you want Mr. Cain as Bayless' replacement?

ESPN SportsNation co-host Max Kellerman is believed to be the favorite to land the position, if he wants it.