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Video: Tom Izzo Talks MSU Students Into Cooperating With Stadium Evacuation

Izzone end zone.

Tom Izzo commands ultimate respect from the Michigan State student body. So naturally, when the students didn't want to leave their seats during today's football game when there was a lightning delay, Izzo was the man that the school turned to to convince them.

Izzo addressed the student body stressing it was important that the students cooperate and get under cover, but he wanted them to return to the stands when the game resumed. As an incentive for their cooperation, Izzo was going to join them in the section for the rest of the game.

Thankfully the student body did as Izzo requested, and then they all got to celebrate MSU's play together:

Now Spartans fans have to hope there is more to celebrate -- MSU is in a dogfight with South Florida at the moment.