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Video: Two Sweet Gray-Haired Ladies Were Chugging Rockstar During Late Wichita State Game, One Hated It

So fantastic.

Today is the day of ESPN's annual College Basketball Tip-Off Marathon -- it's a great event each year in which the network broadcasts 24 hours straight of live college basketball action. Naturally, this means that several teams have to sign up to play at ridiculous hours of the night, and fans are going to have to show some real dedication if they want to support their team at the arena.

Last night, No. 16 Wichita State hosted Western Kentucky in a late-night showdown, which began at midnight local time (1:00 AM on the East Coast). The stars of the show weren't in fact the players, however, but rather two elderly women who were supporting the Shockers, sharing a Rockstar Energy drink to help themselves stay awake (one was even wearing Rockstar clothing!). Judging by her reaction like she was choking down shots, (maybe it was a mixer, a veteran move among college sports fans) one of the women didn't seem like she was too fond of the drink, though:

Party on, Shockers fans.