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Video: US Fans Reacting To The Game-Winner Against Ghana Will Make You Proud To Be An American

The best thing about sports fandom is that when your team wins, or puts itself in a position to win, the euphoria you feel in that moment is unmatched. The latest example from this came yesterday, when United States soccer fans collectively lost their minds during the team's 2-1 win over its old foe, Ghana.

The US took an early 1-0 lead, but Ghana applied relentless pressure until it scored in the game's 82nd minute. Things looked bleak for the US, which desperately needed a win and wanted to upend the team that knocked it out of the last two World Cups...and then John Brooks scored his first international goal in the 86th minute to give the US a 2-1 lead that it would not relinquish.

Predictably, USMNT supporters went insane during that moment. Many of these awesome reactions were recorded on cell phones and put on the Internet. As you can guess, they are awesome. Here are some of our favorites:

Nashville, Tennessee

Atlanta, Georgia

San Francisco, California

Houston, Texas

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Indianapolis, Indiana

Kansas City, Missouri

Cleveland, Ohio

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A compilation video that features a bunch of other places that will absolutely give you chills

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Finally, here's a link to one from the US supporters section inside the stadium in Brazil.