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Video: US Olympic Luger Kate Hensen Finds Wolf In Her Dorm Hallways

Update: Apparently this was all a Jimmy Kimmel hoax. Well played, Jimmy, well played.

Up to this point, most of the things recorded as #SochiProblems have been definite annoyances, but they generally haven't been life-threatening...well, besides maybe that water. Unfortunately, it looks like Sochi is ready to turn things up a notch or two.

Last night, United States Luger Kate Hensen tweeted this video of what appears to be a wolf freely roaming her Olympic dorm hallway. 

">February 20, 2014

That seems like a problem.

While Sochi has been obsessed with ridding its streets of stray dogs, many of whom seemed quite domesticated, wolves openly roaming the Olympic Village is a bad look. Stay safe, Olympians.