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Video: USC Students Release Boy Band-Style Anthem "Trojans For Life"

Oh boy.

And we here have it -- the next ridiculous school anthem. Last month, it was the Purdue Boilermakers that created their own jam, releasing a hilarious song that immediately received so much criticism that the performers pulled it from the web.

This time, it's USC getting in on the fun with 'Trojans For Life', which features a group of students basically saying how proud they are to attend the university and that they will continue to 'Fight On.' The ending is pretty funny, with the proclamation, "Man, it's gonna be a good year!" -- I guess he isn't talking about the football team.

Realistically, this isn't any more embarrassing than the Trojans' recent performances on the field. I at least hope the students own it when it goes viral.

[Josh Flynt]