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Video: West Virginia Students Flip Car Over While Rioting In Celebration Of Upset Win

Too much?

Around the country, Morgantown, West Virginia is notorious for its intense postgame celebrations following wins for the Mountaineers. The WVU student body often riots, burns couches, and gets pretty reckless after big victories.

Saturday brought another of those victories, as West Virginia defeated Oklahoma State 30-21 -- of course, that meant that students were lively in the downtown area all night.

And not in the best way.

In this video taken last night, students can be seen flipping over a car near the Life Sciences Building downtown (language NSFW):


And here's a little more general rioting from yesterday (more NSFW language):


A little too much, huh?

At the end of the day, there are just some people who make the whole student body look bad -- this kind of stuff should probably get toned down just a bit.