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Video: Wheaton Football Coaches Model New Uniforms, Team Goes Crazy At The Sight Of Them

Go Thunder!

Throughout the offseason, we've seen teams unveil new uniforms in creative ways -- for example, Georgia State released its new digs in a puzzle Vine video. Today, we have another uniform release -- this time, from Wheaton College out of Illinois.

Wheaton is one of the first D-III programs to sport Nike's Pro Combat uniforms and they look awesome. To see the new look for the first time, the team watched a promo video together, and even better was head football coach Mike Swider and assistant coach Jeff Peltz coming in decked out the new attire. Check it out: 

Here's the team reaction: 

As you can see, the players are ecstatic -- I personally love the guy swinging his crutch on the right side. 

Thunder fans, what do you think?

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