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Video: When Asked 3 Celebs He'd Like To Party With, Manziel Says Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Rob Gronkowski


This past weekend, Heisman winner Johnny Manziel was invited to come party with the Vanderbilt cheerleading team. We don't think Manziel actually attended the pool party, but that's not a huge surprise when you consider that Johnny's partying schedule is probably pretty full.

Since the Vandy cheerleaders didn't make the cut for Johnny's exclusive list, who would? Texas A&M produced a really funny video yesterday and asked a number of Aggies who would make their dream party short list. While many of the players went with extremely attractive women as their top choices, Manziel selected people who really like to rage: Charlie Sheen, Rob Gronkowski, and Tiger Woods. You can't make this stuff up: