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Von Miller Could Sit Out Entire 2016 Season After Turning Down Denver Broncos' Latest Offer

The Denver Broncos have reportedly cut off contract negotiations with the team's star pass rusher, Von Miller. 

Denver and the 27-year-old Super Bowl MVP have been attempting to get an extension done this offseason, but the two sides have yet to meet in the middle. 

Miller, a former Texas A&M standout, reportedly turned down a 6-year, $114.5 million contract. That might seem like a good offer - it certainly is on the surface - but the guaranteed money (about $40 million) and how much the contract pays over the deal's first three years were reportedly far too low for Miller. 

So, now that negotiations have been tabled, we've reached the "Miller could sit out the entire season" stage of the negotiations. 

Sure, it possible, and something Miller probably believes he's willing to do, but that rarely happens in negotiations with top players.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reports Miller is threatening to sit out the season, however. 

The structure of Miller's deal is paramount. And now it has ballooned into an undermining factor. The guaranteed money is apparently where everything fell apart between the two sides. And it appears to have gotten much worse since, to the point that there is now a possibility that Miller could sit out the 2016 season entirely.

Miller will continue to hold out and his hold out could carry into training camp, the preseason and maybe even the first week or two of the NFL season (something that happened with Emmitt Smith following one of Dallas' Super Bowls in the 1990s). But at some point, a deal will be reached, or Miller will concede and play under the franchise tag (which Denver says they'll place him under if a deal isn't reached).

Denver opens its 2016 season Sept. 8 against Carolina.