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What Channel Are The Final Four Games On? It Isn't CBS...

Saturday night, college basketball fans across the country will sit down on their couches, grab their clickers and turn the dial to CBS to watch this year's Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. But they'll be disappointed - you see, the games actually aren't on CBS anymore. They're on TBS.

If you're wondering why, back in 2010, Turner and the NCAA signed a 14-year contract that allowed for every game to be televised on either CBS, TBS, TNT or truTV. In the process, it was also agreed upon that both the Final Four and the national title game would slowly move over to cable.

This Monday's championship game will be on CBS - but in the future (2016), that won't be the case. Does any of this really matter? No - but it's going to cause more than a few minutes of confusion for a large number of college basketball fans.