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Sports World Reacts To The Vince McMahon Settlement News

Vince McMahon speaking to the media.

12 Jul 2000: Vince McMahon talks during the XFL Press Conference at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California.Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport

It's been a rough month for WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Mere days after giving up his spot at the company's CEO, he got a little lighter in the wallet from his unsuccessful relaunch of the XFL in 2020.

On Monday, McMahon and former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck agreed to terms on a settlement in Luck's $24 million wrongful termination suit. McMahon fired Luck for cause in 2020 - mere days before the XFL shut down due to COVID-19.

The two sides were on the verge of going to trial in July. According to Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal, there was a brief conference between them on Wednesday that appeared to go nowhere.

But the very next day, McMahon made the settlement offer which Luck accepted. The day after that, McMahon stepped down as CEO of WWE.

Sports fans were a mixed of stunned and tickled by the turn of events. Some are laughing at how bad of a week McMahon is probably having, while others are wondering if his "bad week" may have caused him to make the offer in the first place rather than fight in court:

Last week Vince McMahon became the center of a company investigation into an alleged settlement between him and a former company paralegal over a relationship the two had.

As WWE began their investigation, McMahon voluntarily stepped down as CEO and chairman but was allowed to continue making creative decisions for the company. His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, will fill in as interim CEO and chairwoman.

As for the XFL, the league folded just five weeks into their first season. It has since been bought by another former WWE icon - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - who intends to bring the league back in 2023.

But for Vince McMahon, his dream of creating his football league is once again up in smoke.