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Video: Father Arrested For Tackling Son's Wrestling Opponent

A generic picture of wrestling shoes on a wrestling mat.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Police arrested the father of a high school student over the weekend for his actions at a wrestling tournament in North Carolina.

As two wrestlers were on the mat, one of the wrestlers used a dangerous move to take down his opponent. The wrestler taken to the ground thought nothing of the throw and assumed a referee's position.

However, his father decided to take action against his son's opponent. Just seconds after the throw, the father of the wrestler thrown to the ground came screaming out of the stands.

The father tackled his son's opponent.

Here's video of the incident.

For those wondering what happened to the father, wonder no longer.

Police arrested Barry Jones on charges of disorderly conduct and simple assault. The 17-year-old kid Jones tackled was not injured during the incident.

A spokesperson from the Cabarrus County Schools released a statement:

"We have expectations for student decorum and sportsmanship during athletic and extra-curricular events, and our expectations for spectators are no different. The actions displayed by a spectator at the wrestling match on Jan. 18, 2020, fall far below our expectations. We do not condone his actions."

Police took Jones to the Cabarrus County Jail with bail set at $1,000.