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Video: Boise State Had The Season's Most-Embarrassing Punt

Boise State punter kicks ball off his upback's back.


Today has been a bizarre one when it comes to special teams plays around the college football world. Given the horrible injury to Alabama's Jaylen Waddle on a kickoff return, that probably comes in as the most negatively impactfulspecial teams play today, but injuries aside, one punt by Boise State football's Joel Velazquez went about as poorly as a punt can, without being returned for a touchdown.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Velazquez attempted to kick it away from the Utah State 41 and pin the Aggies back. Unfortunately, his punt went directly into the back of his upback, and ricocheted backwards.

As players from both teams gave chace, the ball was eventually downed at the Boise State 21. Because of where the play started, that made it a -38 yard punt. It doesn't get too much worse than that.

Velazquez's day brought a serious range of outcomes. He started with a pretty bad punt, of just 28 yards fair caught at BSU's 46, followed it with two very effective ones (48 yards, fair caught at the USU 8; 71 yards for a touchback), before this debacle below.

Even so, this may not even be the worst special teams moment of the day. It is hard to beat Rice, which had a field goal doink off the goalposts four different times on a would-be game-winner before falling in front of the crossbar. The Owls would lose in the next overtime to Middle Tennessee. Considering Rice lost, and Boise State wound up cruising to a 42-13 win, the quadruple-doink has to take the cake, along with the aforementioned Waddle injury. Still, this was pretty bad. [

This, folks, is a punt of -38 yards for Boise State.

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