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Photo: Boise State Grad Paints Replica Of Broncos Blue Field On Her Cap

Over the past two decades, Boise State's football program has been one of the most consistent in the nation, with the Broncos posting nine top 25 finishes and two BCS bowl victories. So it should come as no surprise that high school students in the area are choosing to attend the school based on its pigskin prowess. One woman named Lindsey Lankford, who claims she chose the school for that very reason, even went as far as to create a replica of the Broncos' blue field on her BSU graduation cap. 


— Lindsey Lankford (@lindseylank)

Here's my very symbolic #BoiseState graduation cap! Football got me here, turf kept me.

— Lindsey Lankford (@lindseylank) May 15, 2014

">May 15, 2014

We're not sure why the end zones are painted backwards, but it could certainly be on purpose. Either way, congrats to all of the new college grads out there.