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College Football Coach Releases Statement After Being Admitted To Hospital

Colorado State's football stadium.

Earlier this week, Colorado State head coach Mike Bobo was admitted to the hospital for a medical evaluation. Bobo was experiencing numbness in his feet, and was told he should have it checked out.

On Monday, Bobo announced the move, which comes just a few weeks before the Rams start their college football season.

“I recently began to experience numbness in my feet. After our second scrimmage on Saturday night it was determined by doctors that I should be admitted to the hospital to undergo further testing. I feel very encouraged by the test results to this point and hope to have some answers soon. I also feel very encouraged about our 2018 CSU Football team. We have excellent coaches and excellent leadership in this program, and I have full confidence that they will continue to have tremendous preparation on and off the practice field for as long as I must be away. My family and I appreciate all of the great care and support we are receiving.”

Mike Bobo has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.

The condition affects nerves, and could impact a number of different things, including sensation, and even organ function.

On Wednesday night, Bobo put out a longer statement, updating his status.

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for the outpouring of care, concern and prayers that I and my family have received. Lainie and I, and our children, are extremely grateful for this support, and for the great medical care that I continue to receive.

I am currently in the process of a multiple-day treatment for a peripheral neuropathy, and continue to be encouraged by the results of the on-going medical testing.

While I have been hospitalized I have been able to remain in close contact with out staff and watch practice film in preparation for our season opener against Hawai'i.

I am excited about out 2018 Rams football team, and feel more confident than ever about the quality and commitment of the people in our football program. I am thankful for the hard work, focus and diligence they have continued to demonstrate while I have been away. I also appreciate the support from the athletic department, Joe Parker and Colorado State University. I am hopeful I will soon be back with them working to prepare for our season opener!

--Mike Bobo"

Colorado State has an early "Week Zero" opening game on August 25 against Hawaii. Hopefully Bobo will be on the sideline coaching his team for that one, but more importantly, we hope to see him in good health soon.