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Major School Could Change Conferences In Next 2 Weeks

Mark Few crouching at center court.

BOISE, ID - MARCH 15: Head coach Mark Few of the Gonzaga Bulldogs looks on in the first half against the UNC-Greensboro Spartans during the first round of the 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Taco Bell Arena on March 15, 2018 in Boise, Idaho. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The dalliance between Gonzaga and the Mountain West continues. Athletic director Mike Roth admits that if the school makes a move, it will probably be very soon.

Time is running out for the Zags to make a conference change for the 2018-19 season. If that is to happen, Roth says that it could be in the next two weeks. From CBS Sports:

"We're going to be closing on a window that is going to be making it difficult," Roth said. "I think we're into that crunch period for sure if we're going to try to get it done for the fall of 2018. At the same time, we're not going to rush the decision because of timing. "

"In a perfect world, we're going to be making a decision in the next couple of weeks here," Roth added during the West Regional that concluded here Saturday. "But there is no such thing as perfect worlds in the crazy world of college athletics."

Earlier this month, Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson confirmed that his league has spoken to a few different teams as expansion candidates. Gonzaga was the one school he mentioned by name.

Now, Thompson confirms there is still time to admit Gonzaga for next season:

"The answer is, 'Yes,'" Thompson told CBS Sports. "We would need to have some serious, detailed conversations which have not happened to date. We're interested because they're a tremendous basketball program. They're Western-based."

Roth stressed there is no firm "drop dead date." He referenced both Wichita State and Butler joining new conferences relatively late. Butler joined the Big East on March 20, 2013, and became official members on July 1 that year.

There have been some rumors that BYU could join Gonzaga on the move, though there is some awkwardness surrounding the fact that the Cougars left the league as an all-sports member a few years ago to go independent in football. New Mexico State University Chancellor Garrey Carruthers also revealed that there is a possibility of the MWC going to 16 schools, with his school being a potential invitee in that scenario.

There's no guarantee that any of this happens. However, Gonzaga is definitely considering a change, and the Mountain West is very openly interested.

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