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In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About Paige Spiranac

Former San Diego State golfer Paige Spiranac, easily the most popular female golfer on social media, won her first professional tournamentearlier this week, scoring a victory at a Cactus Tour event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Spiranac isn't on the LPGA Tour just yet, but she is certainly trending in the right direction.

Spiranac has gotten a great deal of press in her short time as a professional. She's done numerous photo shoots and video series, and even landed the cover of Golf Digest. There's no doubt that she's an up-and-coming star.

Where is Spiranac from? How'd she get her start? Is she single? We're here to answer those questions and more.In Photos, Everything You Need To Know About Paige Spiranac >>>Where Is Paige Spiranac From?Spiranac is from Scottsdale, Arizona, and she comes from a family of athletes. Spiranac's father, Dan, played free safety for Pitt's national title winning team back in 1976. Her mother, Annette, was a professional ballet dancer. Her sister, Lexie, competed in the high jump and rowed crew for Stanford.Spiranac was also a competitive gymnast before giving it up to concentrate on golf. She has the genes to be a professional athlete, that's for sure.

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Spiranac originally stayed in-state and attended the University of Arizona, but she transferred to San Diego State after her freshman year. In her first year at SDSU, she finished First-Team All-Mountain West. She followed that up by finishing Second-Team All-Mountain West in her junior year. Spiranac finished up school in 2015 and turned pro. Thus far, she's had an up-and-down career. 

Next: How Did Spiranac Get So Famous? >>>How Did Spiranac Get So Famous?Spiranac started an Instagram account back in 2015 and, to be blunt, she markets herself very well. Spiranac, who is undeniably attractive, posts photos and videos of herself out on the course or doing trick shots. In the time since creating the account, she's amassed over 700,000 followers on the social media medium. That's a crazy-high number for a woman who isn't even on the LPGA tour, as you'd guess.

Spiranac's Instagram fame has opened up the doors for her for a number of marketing opportunities.

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Since her overnight fame, you've likely seen her - even if you didn't realize it. She's been on the cover of Golf Digest - and she's done video series for the publication as well. She did a feature on playing golf in the Padres' park. She's even hit a golf ball out of one of the Barstool Sports' guys' mouths.

There are some who don't think it's fair that she's getting so much attention - especially since she hasn't proved herself just yet. It doesn't seem to be mattering.

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Is Paige Spiranac Single?

We don't have any inside information, but judging by her social media accounts, she appears to be single. It isn't for lack of demand, however. Spiranac told Golf Digest during a shoot that she's gotten hundreds of marriage proposals. She also revealed that she can cook - which she thinks make her an even bigger catch.

Good luck out there, guys.Next: More Photos Of Paige Spiranac >>>More Photos Of Paige SpiranacSpiranac is the next big thing. It's going to be great to watch her career unfold.

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