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Report: San Diego State Attempting To Trademark "I Believe That We Will Win"

There are many winners of the U.S. run in the World Cup. Tim Howard is now a national hero, while young DeAndre Yedlin is rumored to be heading to play in Italy. One that most have not thought of? San Diego State University.

The "I Believe That We Will Win!" chant that the U.S. supporters is not new, but it really became pronounced at the World Cup, and college sports fans should expect it to become about as ubiquitous as Seven Nation Army by the fall. A former Navy student is credited with inventing the chant, and Utah State students perfected it, but SDSU is looking to make a profit off of it.

">July 3, 2014

The Coloradoan has more on San Diego State's attempt to trademark the famous phrase:

A quick search through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's online database backs that up. On Oct. 27, 2011, Aztec Shops Ltd. (a clothing store in the SDSU student union) filed a trademark for "I Believe That We Will Win!" on any caps, hats, jackets, bottoms, shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other tops that don the words.

It's published for opposition July 22, meaning if no one challenges it within 30 days, the rights on goods and services belong to SDSU. Want to make a shirt that reads "I Believe That We Will Win!"? Get ready to pay up (though dropping the exclamation point would probably be enough to get by).

It's unclear whether or not someone will challenge this trademark, but if not, San Diego is probably going to collect a fair bit of coin.

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