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Photos: San Jose State Has New Helmets With Spear-Styled Stripe And Shiny Logo

Everyone's making sure to get their new uniforms and helmets out before the college football season starts in a few weeks. San Jose State just released pictures of a pretty impressive yellow helmet, featuring an interlocking SJ on one side, a very slick shiny Spartan logo on the other, and maybe coolest of all, a shiny spear as the stripe going down the middle. 


— SJSUSpartanFootball (@SJSUSpartanFB)

Quick look at the New helmets! See 'em yourself at practice this afternoon

— SanJoseStateFootball (@SJSUSpartanFB) August 11, 2014

">August 11, 2014

This is a very strong look. Well done, San Jose State.

[Lost Lettermen]