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Q&A With Brandon Bowling: Success At Utah State, Thriving In The Slot, NFL Future

Brandon Bowling of Utah State,

INGLEWOOD, CA - DEC 18: Utah State Aggies wide receiver Brandon Bowling #16 signals first down during the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl game between the Oregon State Beavers and the Utah State Aggies on December 18, 2021, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. (Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

After spending multiple years at Arkansas State, wide receiver Brandon Bowling decided to spend his final year of college football at Utah State. It turned out to be a smart move to say the least.

In his only season at Utah State, Bowling had 56 catches for 835 yards and 10 touchdowns. He saved his best performance of the season for the Mountain West Championship, hauling in eight passes for 154 yards and two scores.

Though he has shown he can make plays on the outside, Bowling does a lot of his damage in the slot. That alone should make him an intriguing option for NFL teams this offseason.

We caught up with Brandon Bowling to discuss his college football career, future in the NFL, his success in the slot and much more.

The Spun: You spent three years at Arkansas State before making the jump to Utah State. Now, you’re just two months away from potentially being on an NFL team. What do you make of this journey?

Brandon Bowling: Spending five years at Arkansas State, I thought I’d spend my whole career there. I was lucky enough to get the extra year because of COVID. When Coach Anderson left for Utah State, I decided to join that program. I figured I want to spend my last year with him and all the coaches that made the jump from Arkansas State to Utah State.

The Spun: You were dominant in the Mountain West Championship Game. What was working for you?

BB: It was kinda crazy. When we were game-planning all week, we thought we’d struggle running the ball. I didn’t really think I’d play as much as I did because I thought we’d utilize our tight ends more. Once we were able to spread them out a little bit, it was only up from there. We did have a game plan where we’d be able to attack their defense a bit more downfield. It was a crazy game. I never fully expect to have that type of game on a weekly basis. It was one of the best games of my career for sure. To be able to make all those big plays at that moment was a dream come true. I always dreamed of making big-time plays in big-time games.

The Spun: Do you almost feel like the receiving corps at Utah State flew under the radar?

BB: You definitely said it. Deven Thompkins, Derek Wright and I finished with at least 10 touchdowns each. I think we finished with 31 combined touchdowns. Deven led the country in yards, Derek made a lot of plays, and I made a lot of plays as well. We had a great relationship with our quarterback, Logan Bonner, and our coaching staff put us in positions to make plays.

The Spun: You’ve shown you have no trouble playing in the slot. Is that where you expect to play at the next level?

BB: I think that’s where I fit best. I can go outside and do the same stuff, but my body frame is suited for the slot. Whatever the team needs me to do, I’ll gladly do.

The Spun: What are you looking to improve at the next level?

BB: Trying to learn a college playbook is completely different from learning an NFL playbook. The guys I’m training with are doing a great job of getting us familiar with the terminology and routes. It’s so important to put an emphasis on that because it’s an adjustment for sure.

The Spun: I noticed you’re a Braves fan. How disappointed were you by the lockout?

BB: I was pretty disappointed. I’m a huge Braves fan. Seeing them win the World Series was a dream come true. It’s not a bad thing to say they could've potentially been the last World Series champion. At the end of the day, I was hopeful the MLB and MLBPA would come to an agreement soon.

The Spun: Which wide receivers do you like to study on film?

BB: The guy that I’m training with trained with Danny Amendola, Wes Welker and Chad Hall. I like watching them, Julian Edelman and T.Y. Hilton. I try to mimic my games after those guys because they make such big plays in crucial moments.

The Spun: What are you hoping to show at your pro day?

BB: I think the one emphasis for me right now is showing how fast I am. Once my pro day comes around, I’ll be able to show how fast I really am. It’ll be a great day for me to showcase that.

The Spun: What is an NFL team getting in Brandon Bowling?

BB: Off the field, I love golf [laughs]. That’s my hobby. I’m a quiet guy. I like to work in silence. On the field, I come to work every day with my head down ready to put in the work. I’m not afraid to make the tough catch over the middle of the field and take the hits. I pride myself on being tough and reliable.

Bowling will get to showcase his skills at the pro day later this month.

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