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Adam Schefter Shares Conspiracy Theory About Josh Allen's Offensive Tweets

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.

Late last night, potential No. 1 pick Josh Allen had offensive tweets from his high school days leaked out. If anything, it is surprising that it took this long for people to discover the unsavory Josh Allen tweets. A new report suggests that NFL teams think the timing may not be a coincidence.

Allen is one of the four quarterbacks in contention to be taken at the top of the draft. At times in recent weeks, he has seemed like the favorite to be the top pick. Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold have also been floated as serious contenders to go to Cleveland No. 1.

A number of the Josh Allen tweets included contain the n-word, while others have other epithets. They've been deleted, but the damage is already done.

It is no surprise to see someone's old tweets dragged up as they are set to break on to the national scene. This same thing has happened with NFL and NBA draftees before.

Just this month, Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo had similar tweets discovered, as he dominated off the bench for the Wildcats in the national championship game. He is testing the NBA Draft waters, but most expect him to return to the Wildcats.

Adam Schefter says that there may be a bit of a conspiracy surrounding these Josh Allen tweets.

A theory two people in the past hour now have floated: another team plotted to have Josh Allen’s racially insensitive tweets put out just before the draft in order to increase the chances he would fall in the draft to that team.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 26, 2018

">He reports that multiple sources suggest that a team may have leaked the tweets. It could be in an effort to hurt Allen's draft stock, so that he falls to a certain franchise.

This is the craziest quarterback field in a while, with four players jockeying for position at the top, and Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph figuring to go elsewhere in the first round. There are also numerous teams with needs at the position.

The Browns, Giants, Jets, and potentially Broncos could all draft QBs around the top of the draft, while down the list a bit, the Dolphins, Cardinals, and Ravens could all be interested. The Bills, which have two first round picks, are primed to move up and take a quarterback, after moving on from Tyrod Taylor this off-season. Teams like the Patriots, Chargers, and Saints, with top aging quarterbacks, could also make things interesting.

It seems unlikely that old tweets that Allen has been upfront about and has apologized for will totally tank his NFL draft stock. However, it wouldn't be that shocking if there was some truth to this.