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Big 12 Admits Officiating Error

The Big 12 Conference's logo.

The Big 12 Conference admitted to an officiating error Sunday afternoon. 

During the second quarter of Saturday's game between Kansas State and Oklahoma State, the BIg 12 officiating crew made a mistake following an OSU offensive holding call. After the 10-yard penalty was marked off, the chains were mistakenly set for the yard-to-gain, leading to an OSU first down and eventual touchdown. The Cowboys won 36-34. 

">October 4, 2015

Big 12 supervisor of officials Walt Anderson released this statement:

"Accurracy and adherence to Conference policies and officiating mechanics are vital to the proper administration of the rules in all games," said Anderson. "Disciplinary actions will be addressed with both the field officials and chain crew."

College football officiating is not an easy job, but it always nice to see conferences come clean when mistakes are made.Though, it doesn't change things for K-State.