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Denzel Valentine Sends Message To Buddy Hield Doubters After Oklahoma Loss

It's all love when it comes to Michigan State's Denzel Valentine and Oklahoma's Buddy Hield, and they've both proven to have each other's backs.

When Valentine went down with a knee injury back in December, Hield was the first one to call him with well wishes. So when the Sooners were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament against Villanova in the FInal Four Saturday night, of course it was Valentine that had Hield's back - sending a message to anybody who's doubting the OU star as an NBA prospect. 

According to's latest mock draft, Hield is projected to be the No. 3 overall selection, while Valentine is projected at No. 23. Eithier way, both of these players will likely make their future franchise very happy - on and off the court.