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ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Robert Flores Blasted Iggy Azalea For No Apparent Reason

Robert Flores talks about Iggy Azalea and Swaggy P.

Update: Young has responded on Twitter, and he's clearly not happy with Flores' transgression. He issued somewhat of a threat to Flores too.

">March 2, 2015

">March 2, 2015

Earlier: ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores apparently has beef with rap star Iggy Azalea - either that or he really just doesn't like her music. Monday morning, Flores, doing some kind of February wrap-up segment live on television, took a shot at Azalea's career out of nowhere. Flores was making a joke about Nick Young claiming that he'd almost been killed by dolphins and decided to throw in a shot at the "Fancy" singer.

It's well-played, but it's definitely random. Regardless, a large portion of the United States probably agrees with him.