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ESPN Will Offer (Limited) Live Streaming TV Package

An ESPN sign hanging that's very old

ESPN will start selling its own live streaming TV package directly to consumers online.

But don't get too excited: The Informationreported that ESPN’s new offering won’t include high-value content - like professional football or basketball - just more "niche" leagues and "possibly some types of college sports." 

ESPN currently has no plans to offer its full programming lineup directly to consumers. 

ESPN hopes that this baby step to direct-to-consumer programming will repair some of the damage dealt to the company by customers ditching cable. According to Business Insider, ESPN had lost about 7 million subscribers in the previous two years by the end of 2015, which means that ESPN left an estimated $1.3 billion in subscriber revenue available compared with what it would have made with steady cable company growth.

Takeaway: ESPN's new service is right up the alley of younger generations avoiding paying for cable subscriptions, but you'll still have to look elsewhere to satisfy your major sports fix.