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Florida Has Been Producing More NFL Draft Busts Than Anybody Else Over Last 15 Years

With the NFL Draft coming up fast, USA Today Sports' For The Win took time out to unveil the college football programs that - in their mind - have produced the most NFL Draft busts over the last 15 years, as well as the programs they believe to produce the least number of busts in that same time span.

Not including the most recent 2015 NFL Draft, For The Win found that the Florida Gators have produced the most busts during that time.

">April 21, 2016

FTW did not go into detail about what they consider to be an NFL Draft bust, but here's what they have.

Schools With The Most Busts

Florida - 15 1st rd. picks; 8 busts; 53.3%
Penn State - 10 1st rd. picks; 5 busts, 50%
Oklahoma State - 4 1st rd. picks; 2 busts, 50%
FSU - 19 1st rd. picks; 9 busts; 47.3%
North Carolina - 9 1st rd. picks; 4 busts; 44.4%
Wisconsin - 12 1st rd. picks; 5 busts; 41.6%

On the other side of the spectrum, FTW found that the Miami Hurricanes have produced the fewest draft busts over that same time span. If you want to see the rest of their list you can find it here.

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