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Former Stanford LB Retires From NFL At 24 "To Preserve Future Health"

With plenty of debate surrounding the safety - or lack thereof - in the game of football, concussions and CTE have come to the forefront. It's impossible to have a discussion without finding people on both sides of the argument. But whatever you believe, the fear of future health issues continues to grow. 

On Wednesday, former Stanford linebacker and now former Buffalo Bill A.J. Tapley announced his decision to retire from the NFL at the ripe age of 24 after suffering his third and fourth concussions this past season. He's walking away from the game he loves to preserve his future health. He announced his decision on Instagram.

This is the kind of decision that could become more and more familiar as years go on, unless something changes in the research. Depending on where you stand on the topic, you probably feel differently about his decision. Either, it's an interesting turn of events.