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Here Are The 10 Schools That Have Produced The Most Current NFL Players

With the NFL season now in full swing, you might be wondering to yourself where all these ridiculously talented players come from. They all come from somewhere, but certain college football programs produce more NFL talent than others. 

On Wednesday, the New Orleans Saints posted a list via their official Twitter account of the 10 schools the have produced the most current NFL players, and the outcome probably won't surprise you. They also breakdown and rank schools based on how many players at each specific position have made it to the NFL. Most notably - LSU has 10 different defensive backs roaming the secondary somewhere in the league. 

">@NFL in most players on Week 1 rosters

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints)

Colleges that lead the @NFL in most players on Week 1 rosters

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints) September 16, 2015

">September 16, 2015

Here's the list in order:

1. LSU - 40
2. Miami - 37
3. USC - 35
4. Alabama - 34
5. Georgia - 34
6. Florida - 31
7. Florida State - 31
8. Oklahoma - 30
9. Notre Dame - 29
10. Clemson - 28
*SEC(4); ACC(3); Big 12(1); Pac-12(1), Independent (1)

For those who religiously watch college football, this list makes perfect sense. Seven of the last 10 college football titles have been claimed by one of these teams, and five of the last 10 Heisman Trophys, too. These programs' success at the college level has spilled over into the NFL and haven't showed many signs of slowing down. 

It gives you a better understanding as to why, even when not winning championships, these programs are recruiting juggernauts year in and year out. Most young football players dream of one day playing in the NFL, so they want to play for the schools that provide them with the best opportunity to do so. And that's what these programs do well.