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In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About Cynthia Frelund, ESPN's New "Daily Fantasy Analyst"

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This week, ESPN, which recently took an ownership stake in the daily fantasy site DraftKings, introduced a new segment on SportsCenter dedicated to the topic - its first with any relation to gambling. The network has chosen Cynthia Frelund, who's been with the company since 2012, as its "Daily Fantasy Analyst." Tuesday, Frelund introduced herself, and in the process, dropped dozens of buzzwords that got the industry talking.

Looking to learn more about her life and career? We've got you covered. In photos, here's everything you need to know about Frelund, who may be ESPN's next star.In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About Cynthia Frelund >>>Where is Cynthia Frelund From?Frelund, who is 31 years old, hails from Okemos, Michigan, but attended Boston College from 2001-2005. She majored in both Psychology and Biology as an undergrad before getting her MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing and Finance at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Specifically, she studied Predictive Analytics. It's pretty clear that she's one smart cookie.

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— cynthia frelund (@cfrelund)

ma meilleure amie avec bebe! @thebassteen @bbgriffin85

— cynthia frelund (@cfrelund) November 16, 2014

">November 16, 2014

How Did She Get Started? >>>

How Did Cynthia Frelund Get Started?

Frelund got her start working as an analyst at a financial firm straight out of college. In 2008, she did private equity and financial strategy for the NFL. She eventually got a business development job at ABC, which she held for three years. She then transitioned over to ESPN (both are owned by Disney) to become an Associate Director for innovation. Since February, she's been a Producer for "Next Generation Content Strategy."

">@pat_arleth. Lesson: don't bet on B1G

— cynthia frelund (@cfrelund)

I'm a huge duck fan! Quack for life!! You win @pat_arleth. Lesson: don't bet on B1G

— cynthia frelund (@cfrelund) September 9, 2014

">September 9, 2014

What's Her Claim To Fame? >>>What's Cynthia Frelund's Claim To Fame?Why is Frelund qualified to be ESPN's daily fantasy expert? Well, in addition to her impressive background in both entrepreneurship and finance, she has a ridiculous success rate on both DraftKings and FanDuel. According to ESPN, Frelund's "in the money" percentage is 94% on DraftKings and 90% on FanDuel. You don't need to have an MBA in predictive analytics to realize that those numbers are absurd.What Are Her Other Interests? >>>What Are Cynthia Frelund's Other Interests?Frelund is a fitness buff. She taught pilates and group fitness at Equinox in Chicago for five years in her spare time. She's also taught both at the East Bank Club for almost a decade. According to the company, Frelund has run at least three marathons. She's also been featured in Nike ads and participated in cancer awareness and prevention activities.

ESPN Cynthia Frelund makes an analysis of fantasy football.

ESPN Cynthia Frelund daily fantasy

">June 5, 2014

Is She Single? >>>Is Cynthia Frelund Single?Well, she isn't married - that much we know. She also doesn't seem to post any photos of herself with any kind of significant other on social media either. So technically, she's single - and if she's dating someone seriously, she isn't making it public. Make of that what you will.

Posted by Cynthia Frelund on Monday, May 4, 2015

More Photos Of Cynthia Frelund >>>

Here are a few more photos of Cynthia Frelund. Say hello to ESPN's next star.

">August 7, 2014

">July 17, 2014

">May 3, 2015

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