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In Photos: Meet Kate Bock, The SI Swimsuit Model Who Appears To Be Dating Kevin Love

Aside from a shirtless J.R. Smith parading around or a Kyrie Irving chugging Cristal, or even Lebron James standing above the crowd taking it all in, the thing that seemed to catch social media's attention during the Cleveland Cavaliers' celebration parade Wednesday afternoon was the fact that Kevin Love brought Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Bock with him to take part in the festivities. 

Sporting a Cavs jersey, she joined Love during the parade through Cleveland. It appears the two have been dating, as she posted this selfie with Love to Twitter following the Game 7 victory Sunday night. 


AHHHHH CHAMPIONS !!!! ??? LETS GO CAVS !!!! ??????⚡️⚡️⚡️

— Kate Bock (@katebock) June 20, 2016

">@NBA — Kate Bock (@katelynnebock) June 20, 2016

Love appears to be winning on and off the court.[The Big Lead]Get To Know Kate Bock With More Photos >>>Kevin Love knows what it means to be a champion, as you saw from the title belt he was carrying around. Maybe Kate Bock has something to do with his confidence. 

Here Are Some More Photos Of Kate Bock >>>

Well done, Love.