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Miami Paused Artie Burns' GoFundMe Campaign Due To Raising Too Much Money

Artie Burns' gofundme page.

Tragedy struck Miami defensive back Artie Burns' family earlier this week when his mother, Dana, passed away after suffering a heart attack. In an attempt to offer support to Burns' family for funeral, medical, or any other related expenses, the University of Miami set of a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds, with a target set at $10k. 

Incredibly, within six hours, the campaign raised over $40k and had to be paused, per NCAA bylaws. According to these bylaws, any money exceeding necessary related expenses must be donated to a charitable cause. 

">October 28, 2015

It really is incredible how quickly the campaign was able to reach its target - and then some. I can only hope this will help the Burns family in this difficult time.