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Michigan State Band Member Thanks Ohio State Fans For Hospitality In Cool Reddit Post

Ohio State may have taken a loss against Michigan State on Saturday, but according to one report, Buckeye fans were still pretty gracious to their guests during the game. A Michigan State band member took to Reddit's OSU page to thank the Buckeyes for the hospitality.

I'm in the marching band at Michigan State, and I just wanted to say on behalf of the rest of the entire band thank you for the amazing hospitality you showed us. I was terrified to come to Columbus because I've heard that it can be intimidating and that the fans can be ruthless, but I never experienced anything even remotely close to ruthless. It was so unlike anything I've ever experienced and it was so amazing to not be hated at an away game. I had numerous encounters with fans at the Stadium and I was always shown respect and nobody heckled me. A lot of other members said they experienced the same thing. I've been to South Bend, Ann Arbor, and West Lafayette to name a few places, and I've never been so overcome with this feeling before. It's so refreshing! Thank you so much for an amazing trip to Columbus! It was a trip I won't forget not just because of the game itself, but because the fans were so welcoming and I hope to be able to return soon! Thank you!!

College football is no stranger to unfortunate incidents between rival fans, so it is good to hear that the upset in Columbus didn't lead to any of that, at least as far as the MSU band is concerned. Ohio State does have a special place in its heart for a good marching band.