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NBC Adds Two Brazilian Supermodels To Olympics Coverage

NBC announced that Brazilian supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima - best known for their work with Victoria's Secret - will be joining the network’s late night coverage of the Rio Olympic Games.

">July 20, 2016

The bombshells will be sharing the stage with host Ryan Seacrest, providing a nightcap to the day’s coverage of the Games, according to the network's press release

But big move - the sex symbols aren't just eye candy to add more appeal to Seacrest's segments. Apparently the Brazil natives are hired as reporters and will be covering the main storylines and providing personal insight and commentary about the state of Rio. 

This could go one of two ways for NBC. If all goes according to the network's plans, Ambrosio and Lima will shed some light on what's actually going on in Brazil. If not, they'll come off as what they fundamentally are - sexy ploys to lure in more viewers...whether or not their audience actually listens. 

Putting the Victoria's Secret Angels on the TV will be a hit for NBC, even if the messages the stars hope to promote go unheard.