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Buckeyes Remain No. 1 In The Latest AP Poll

AP poll of top College Football teams.

The Ohio State Buckeyes, after shutting out Hawaii 38-0 during their home opener this past weekend, remain the No. 1 team in the country - in both the Coaches' Poll and the AP Poll, which was just released

After defeating Oregon in Saturday night's showdown, Michigan State jumped Baylor to take the No. 4 spot, and is the only team outside of OSU to receive first place votes (2). Auburn, who was previously ranked No. 6, now sits at No. 18 after having a difficult time with Jacksonville State. BYU, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Oklahoma State all moved into the top-25, while Tennessee, Arkansas, Boise State and Mississippi State all dropped out of the rankings after suffering losses. 

Here is the poll in its entirety:

1. Ohio State
2. Alabama
3. TCU
4. Michigan State
5. Baylor 
6. USC
7. Georgia
8. Notre Dame 
9. FSU
10. UCLA
11. Clemson
12. Oregon
13. LSU
14. Georgia Tech 
15. Ole Miss
16. Oklahoma 
17.Texas A&M
18. Auburn
19. BYU
20. Arizona
21. Utah
22. Missouri
23. Northwestern
24. Wisconsin
25. Oklahoma State

You can check out last week's rankings here. What do you think, college football fans? Did they get it right?