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New Mexico State's Bus Was Broken Into And Burglarized In Gainesville During Florida Game

As if traveling all the way to the state of Florida to be routed by the Gators 61-13 wasn't enough, the New Mexico State Aggies arrived back at their bus Saturday night to find out it had been broken into and burglarized - and to the fullest extent.

Every single bag, owned by both members of the athletic department staff and their guests, was stolen off the bus.

">September 6, 2015

Items stolen included laptops, passports, car keys, house keys, works keys and basically anything else that had been left on the bus for safe keeping. They were cleaned out. 

">September 6, 2015

">September 6, 2015

But the problems caused by this despicable crime continued once the Aggies made it back home to Las Cruces. Even once they make it back to their cars, they no longer had the keys to open or operate their vehicles. The looks on their faces say it all.

Las cruces here we come!!! @NMStateFootball let's see which friends will pick us up since we don't have car keys 4am

This probably wasn't the way they envisioned their season opener.