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Orlando Sentinel Columnist Says Cam Newton Should've "Learned Something About Class" From Tim Tebow

cam newton press conference super bowl


Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi feels Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton missed out on an important opportunity while he was Tim Tebow's backup for two years at the University of Florida. He believes - in "all that time sitting behind Tebow, you would have thought Newton would learn something about class."

The reasons for Bianchi's article stems from recent criticism concerning Newton's actions with the media following the Super Bowl loss to the Denver Broncos. He strongly believes Newton would not be in this situation if he had learned more from Tebow. 

">February 11, 2016

Newton went on to have his own success after transferring to Auburn, and has sense had more success in the NFL than Tebow did, but with all the negative attention surrounding the Panthers' quarterback, it definitely makes you think.