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Photo: Entire Missouri Football Team Stands Together In Support Of Player Strike

Missouri stand together in support of players strike.


The entire Missouri football team seems to be standing in support of the player strike that was announced Saturday night by a group of black players via Twitter. 

Amid racial tension that has been building at the University of Missouri, the players posted a message declaring that they would be boycotting all football activities until university president, Tim Wolfe, steps down. As of Sunday morning, it appears the entire team - white and black - is united in this fight, according to a photo posted by head coach Gary Pinkel.

">November 8, 2015

This is a big statement from the football team - staff and players alike. Missouri beat writer David Morrison was able to speak with team spokesman Chad Moller Sunday, who had this to say about the photo:

">November 8, 2015

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out, but it's great to see the entire team standing together for something it believes in.

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