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Photos: Miami Football Players Took Some Very Odd Preseason Photos

The Miami Hurricanes' September 5 season opener at home against Bethune-Cookman is officially a week away, and the players are ready to get back on the field. 

As the Hurricanes are gearing up to begin game prep last week, they're working to wrap up their preseason duties. And, after seeing some of the photos that were circulating around Twitter Sunday afternoon, it appears Miami's players did a little goofing off and had a little fun during a recent photo shoot. 

According to the watermark, these were taken by the official team photographer, but the photos no longer appear on the site when you follow this link provided by the photographer.

">August 30, 2015

Miami has made some interesting decisions regarding the media they have released as of late, and based on the response from some Hurricanes fans on social media, this might be another one of those decisions.

">August 30, 2015

">@MsMiyayo305 @EverDilettante What the hell!

— ❇ Puma Will ❇ (@WilllDaThrilll)

@MsMiyayo305 @EverDilettante What the hell!

— ??Puma Will?? (@WilllDaThrilll) August 30, 2015

">August 30, 2015

Al Golden, with everything on the line, is probably anxious to just get his team back on the football field at this point.