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Photos: The Most Famous Celebrity Fan Of Every Major College Sports Program

olivia munn oklahoma

Actress Olivia Munn is an Oklahoma fan and alumna. Yoda is not. (Twitter/@retrobrand)

Most big schools have at least a few notable alumni. Those with big-time college athletics programs can usually count on those celebrities to be big supporters. Like normal fan bases, not every famous fan went to the school, however. There are plenty of celebrities who cheer on the local state school, or have connections for other reasons.

Some schools, like Texas Tech, don't have too many options, while places like UCLA pump out Hollywood stars regularly.

We've gone through and found the most famous fan for every 'Power 5' program. They run the gambit from big time former athletes to superstar musicians, politicians, and plenty of actors. Our selections may not be the 'biggest' celebrity fan out there, but they are the ones that we believe are the most easily recognizable to the average person, their college fandom aside.

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ACC Atlantic

Clemson - Country music star Lee Brice is a huge Clemson supporter - as evidenced by the below photo.


— carlynn (@carlynn_yahh)

Ran into Lee Brice today at the Clemson vs Carolina game!!!

— carlynn (@carlynn_yahh) November 30, 2014

">November 30, 2014

Florida State - With apologies to Mia Khalifa, Burt Reynolds is probably a little more deserving.

">April 27, 2016

Louisville - This one is easy. Jennifer Lawrence, one of the most famous women in the world, supports U of L.


Go Louisville !!!!! @GoCards@UKAthletics@WhoCarols#JenniferLawrence ???????

— Xoxo Monster ! (@Jlaw_MyLife) February 8, 2016


Go Louisville !!!!! @GoCards@UKAthletics@WhoCarols#JenniferLawrence ???????

— Xoxo Monster ! (@Jlaw_MyLife) February 8, 2016


— Clara Guissard (@Jlaw_MyLife)

Go Louisville !!!!! @GoCards@UKAthletics@WhoCarols#JenniferLawrence ???????

— Xoxo Monster ! (@Jlaw_MyLife) February 8, 2016