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Photos: Virginia Tech Using Meat Tenderizer As Trophy For Week's Best Offensive Lineman

College football programs have all kinds of strange awards given out for outstanding performances. Virginia Tech's offensive line's new totem might be the weirdest. This season, the Hokies' top offensive lineman of the week is awarded with "The Fool's Hammer," a meat tenderizer engraved with various Virginia Tech motivational phrases.


— THE KEY PLAY (@thekeyplay)


— THE KEY PLAY (@thekeyplay) September 13, 2015

">September 13, 2015

">September 15, 2015

The Key Play has more on the unique award.

There is more to this hammer than meets the eye, though. Inscribed across the silver shell are motivational sayings like "Beat UVA" and "Pound it Out," a constant reminder to the offensive line of the bulldog mentality they embrace.

"It's funny, but it's something that actually does symbolize how hard we're working," Teller admitted.

Where does one find a meat tenderizer with motivational Virginia Tech slogans already carved into it? Well, that's where Tony Conte comes in.

"Augie's dad actually did the whole thing," Teller said of the custom work from the elder Conte. "It's really impressive actually. When he first pulled it over, I thought 'what the heck is that.' It was crazy."

The Hokies have surrendered just two sacks in as many games, and after a rough outing against No. 1 Ohio State, ran for an impressive 7.3 yards per carry against Furman in week two. Expect the weekly battle for "The Fool's Hammer" to heat up.

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