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Someone Listed Mike Riley For Sale On Lincoln, Neb. Craigslist

This has been a rough year for Nebraska football. The proud program is 3-6, with most of those losses coming in gut-punching fashion. 

There's already some whispers about first-year head coach Mike Riley being on the hot seat. In fact, there's an ad on the Lincoln, Neb. Craigslist putting Riley up for sale. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Don't believe us, here's the link to the ad. The introductory paragraph is a doozy.

This football coach was taken in at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln eleven months ago, saved from a sad situation in Corvallis, OR. We assumed that, given a better, more luxurious home, he would adapt to his surroundings and thrive in his new environment. This hasn't been the case. It's now clear that a larger home with greater responsibilities is not the place for him. He would be better off with a gentler home where less is expected of him.

They're even offering Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst as a possible throw-in for a package deal. College football fans are incredible.